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Boat Wraps

Full color boat wraps can be done on anything from a regular John Boat to a million dollar speedboat. It is a great cost effective way to put new life in that old boat.

 Adding a custom designed vinyl wrap to your boat will instantly transform it and set it apart on the water. Not only will an eye catching vinyl wrap add great value to your boat it will also protect your paint and clear coat underneath the wrap! This can be a great investment when looking to trade in or up your boat after a few years of use.  

 The wrap vinyl can easily be uninstalled and the boat can be traded in for top dollar! Vinyl boat wrap can be fully reversed with no damage to the underlying surface and no glue residue left behind, provided the underlying surface is in a good, sound condition when the vinyl is applied. Removing a vinyl wrap can be quite time-consuming, especially if the vinyl is old, but it is certainly possible.