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Bike Wraps

 Bikers throughout the country want to keep their motorcycle protected and looking good. And that’s why motorcycle vinyl is a popular option. Vinyl wraps, decals, and seat covers improve the motorcycle’s look and keep the paint or leather safe from damage. 

 When wrapping a motorcycle, the entire body is covered with an adhesive vinyl film that is glossy and 2 to 4 millimeters thick. The finished product looks similar to a paint job, but the texture is different. Many riders choose to vinyl wrap their bike because it can beautify their machine and protect the factory paint from chipping and wear. 

 Motorcycle vinyl wrap boasts many benefits that make it arguably a better option than painting. First, vinyl wraps cost roughly two to five times less than painting. Installing wrap on a bike is also faster than painting. Moreover, vinyl wraps maintain a bike’s value by shielding the original paint from damage; for instance, carbon fiber vinyl wraps showcase a sleek appearance, can withstand wear and tear and are waterproof. Vinyl wraps also don’t require a lot of care, minus the occasional wash. High quality vinyl can last anywhere from eight to 12 or more years, too. Lastly, since computer software applications are used to design wraps, choices are virtually endless.

 Solid colors are the trend, and the choices riders have here out number paints. From gloss orange wrap to mint teal blue, the entire color spectrum is covered. Many bikers like to combine several different tones for a more noticeable look. For those who want designs, know that wraps with flame images, racing stripes, camouflage designs and more are all available. Hence, bikers should be able to find a wrap that meets their stylistic preferences.

 Motorcycle vinyl decals are a quick and affordable way for riders to enhance their bike’s appearance and provide added protection. Motorcycle helmets can be decorated with decals, too. Like wraps, an abundance of designs is available. Skulls, multicolored elephants, American flag, funny sayings and more are just of the countless motorcycle decals and stickers being sold online at sites. Sticking a decal onto a bike is pretty simple as well, whether it be on the tank or the windshield. It requires the same materials as vinyl wrapping, minus the heat gun. When peeling the transfer tape, take it slow and ensure no bubbles or creases develop.